What We Do

 Capital Raising Advisory Services:

We help entrepreneurs raise external capital to finance their startups and/or company growth. Our services help alleviate the time constraints for entrepreneurs in raising capital so that they can focus on running their businesses.

We work with investors seeking financial returns by identifying potential investments opportunities in startups and growth companies and help match them with entrepreneurs seeking capital. 

In short, we provide a platform for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Business Development Services:

We help entrepreneurs and companies identify business opportunities and challenges and help them find relevant solutions. We enable companies build successful growth strategies while mitigating risk and other constraints.

We assist entrepreneurs/companies with the following:

1. Develop business plans with the assigned accounts
2. Design and develop strategic development plans
3. Provide assistance in implementing  plans and strategies
4. Oversee new strategy progress and development
5. Lead and supervise the business development team 
6. Conduct complex analysis to find new market s
7. Review and assess existing products and services

Conference, Expo and Event Planners 

We help organize conferences, expos, workshops and event planning for social, corporate meetings and events. We may work with a committee of planners or perform duties independently; but it is this individual's responsibility to oversee the scheduling of activities, transportation, hotels, staff and meeting space, and make sure that everything run smoothly and meet company goals. We help identify and scout suitable venues for conferences, workshops and corporate events.

Project Managers

Think about starting a project but don’t know where to start? African Investor Connect helps entrepreneurs, companies and government embark on projects in a seamless manner. We help build a strong foundation to get projects off the ground fast.

Through our strategic partnerships, we match projects with subject matter experts to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and close project in an effective manner. Connect with us for consultations and hit the ground running.

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